Each Book Shelf is unique.  These are all made from pre-loved books. Some of the books are really old and may have marks and tears.



100% cotton cord, a wooden ring and a rescued book



Length when hanging is approx 30 to 50 cm depending on the size of book.

Approx Book Dimensions as follows:

Pears Cyclopedia (pinky red) 25cm wide x 12.5 cm deep (old)

Art & Ireland (green with natural cord) 20cm wide x 13 cm deep (old)

The Last Word (black with slate grey cord) 24cm wide x 16cm deep

The All Conquering Power (faded red) 19cm wide x 12.5 cm deep

The Life of O'Reilly (newish green with green cord) 19.5cm wide x 14.5cm deep

The Hutchinson Treasury of Fairy Tales (tealy blue) 26cm wide x 20 cm deep

Elle Vitality (light navy) 31cm wide x 23 cm deep



Please use indoor pots without a drainage hole in it on your shelf. Your plant should still be be in a pot that drains inside the other pot.


  • I have always loved books and am so thrilled to create macramé hanging shelves with old books that I have rescued.  

    Each Book Shelf is unique. Each book in the images have been given a name which you will then find in the options.

    Pot and plant are not included.