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100% cotton cord and wooden ring (many rings are repurposed from curtain rail rings).



Length when hanging with pot is approx 85 cm (depending on pot)

Best suited to a pot with a 12 to 18 cm diameter, maximum height is 14 cm.



If your preferred colour/option is sold out, click here to send me a message as hangers can be made to order, provided cord is in stock.



Please use an indoor pot without a drainage hole in it in your hanger.


  • My name is Nurture. I would like to inspire you to nurture a plant family of your own. You may think you don't have what it takes, but you do, I know you do... just step out and try. I have a lovely spiral pattern,  and as with many of my other plant hanger friends, I can hang anywhere and will bring a wonderful and interesting design element to your home.


    "We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course, it is our garden that is really nurturing us". Jenny Uglow


    I come alone. The pot and plant are not included in the purchase.


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