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Please note that each hanger is individually hand-made and therefore can vary slightly from the photographs above. The ring or beads may be different or even the length may vary slightly.



100% cotton cord and wooden ring (many of my rings are re-purposed curtain rings).



Length when hanging with pot is approx 85 to 90cm (depending on pot)

Best suited to a pot with a 12 to 18 cm diameter.



Available in a variety of colours and cord thickness. All pictures above are in the chunky cord (4mm). 

If your preferred colour/option is sold out, please send me a message as hangers can be made to order, provided cord is in stock.



Please use an indoor pot without a drainage hole in your plant hanger.


  • I am Hope.  Put me in your home and let me serve to remind you to keep having that expectation of positive outcomes, not to lose Hope. I will look lovely with a trailing plant as my arms are very decorative. I complement the Grace Hanger beautifully.

    Where there is Hope, there is Faith. Where there is Faith, Miracles happen.

    I come alone, the pot and plant are not included in your purchase.

    I travel solo, the pot and plants are not included.