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Originally from South Africa, my passion for nature and my love of all things creative and natural inspired me to start my company Woven. Having lived most of my life with sunshine filled days, I was used to being outside and having nature all around me. After moving to Ireland over 10 years ago, I realised that I really missed that,  and the gloomy days got me down. Once I started to grow my plant family and fill my space with indoor plants, I felt better in so many ways, and my house started to feel like a complete home. Macramé Plant Hangers and shelves were a perfect solution for me, in terms of achieving my green living space and helping me create my own cosy, calm and serene sanctuary, with some unique design elements.


Getting growing and nurturing my plants was a challenging journey,  as I have to admit, I had black thumbs to begin with and I only had to look at a plant and it would shrivel ...  I overwatered, underwatered, underfed, overfed, gave them too little light or too much light. With sheer determination, lots of learning and my mom’s encouraging voice in my head, I finally got there and can proudly say I can keep plants alive and dare I say it, some are even thriving. I am still learning all the time.

In these uncertain and chaotic times, I feel so strongly that we need more nature and all of its splendour and benefits in our lives. There are real physical and mental health benefits to having plants in your home and, coupled with the natural and textured look of macramé, there are definite design benefits too. They can bring a uniqueness to your space.

When I was little, I spent many hours in my great aunts treasure trove – a shop specialising in art, ceramics and textiles and all things locally hand made... it was here I first discovered and fell in love with macramé. She herself, was a pioneering interior decorator and potter and she wove some of her inspiration into my life.

Further inspiration was constantly woven into my life from two other wonderful human beings... my dad, who instilled in all of his daughters, a spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship and my nurturing mum, who fiercely loved and protected the natural world and could grow absolutely anything. I am so grateful to both of them.

I am also inspired by and eternally grateful to God for the talents He has given me Exodus 35:35; Exodus 31: 3-5 and His perfect guidance on my business path Proverbs 3:6

And now, with my macramé products, I want to inspire you to embark on a beautiful and rewarding journey in creating your own unique green living space and becoming a plant mom … nurturing your own plant family, seeing them thrive (even if you think you can’t), and enjoying all the benefits they offer.  


I love what I do and it is my pleasure and joy to weave the wonder of nature into your surroundings.

Helen de Leeuw colour.jpg
My great aunt
Helen de Leeuw 
My wonderful parents
Yours Truly 
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